Jeremy Orr

Q: How long have you been with Contractor Services, Inc. and what do you do here?
A: I have been with CSI for 10 years and my current role is Crew Supervisor for western Nebraska.
Q: How did you get started in this business?
A: Through a family friend who worked in the industry.
Q: What is your favorite thing about working at CSI?
A: I enjoy the variety of work each day and seeing new places.
Q: What makes you feel accomplished?
A: Getting the work done on time or ahead of schedule is my focus. We want to ensure that no one is waiting on us to get their jobs done.
Q: What advice would you give a new employee or someone considering a role at CSI?
A: Focus on learning the basics and become the best at those first.
Q: What are the key characteristics that you feel you bring to the team.
A: The years of experience I have allow me to reduce the extra work for my team; knowing what questions to ask saves us time.
Q: What are your expectations as you work on a job?
A: Work safely and try to keep things fun so that we can all make it home.
Q: What does the future hold for you at CSI?
A: I want to see the company be successful and have additional opportunities for everyone.
Q: You spend a considerable amount of time working. What do you do in your time off?
A: If I’m not working, I’m usually off hunting, fishing or going the gym.


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