Pavement Marking


Permanent Pavement Marking

Our AL-500 EZ is the premier solution for striping in the Midwest.  We apply our paint at the state of NE standard - 12 Mils.  Completmented with glass beads for retrorefletivity, it can be an affordable and quick solution.  Some Projects include:

-Interstate/Highway/County Road Re-stripe

-Interstate/Highway/County Road New Construction

-Airport Re-stripe/New Construction

Temporary Pavement Marking

With our Temporary Pavement Marking Trucks, we can quickly put markings down that are state approved at a much lower cost and higher efficiency.  Features include:

-Single Man unit

-Ability to stay out on projects for weeks at a time and paint roads for day-to-day needs. (Ideal for paving and replacing of pavement markings at end of day)

-Easy to travel between projects if needed

-Takes up less space in your work zone than a long-line truck, more compact unit

Temporary Overlay Markers (TOM's) - Tape and Tabs

If you need to tape or tab your job instead of paint in between paving and installation of Permemant Pavement Markings, these are a great product.  CSI can install them quickly and affordably, or we can even sell you the material and show you how to do it yourself.  

Permanent Grooved Tape

We use 3M™ Stamark™ Pavement Marking Tape - This product has worked very well for us.  Our crews are experienced in the pre-planning, layout, grooving, and final installation phases of this type of project.


Like our Permanent Tape Installation - Thermoplastic projects have many of the same characteristics.  Our crews are experienced in the all phases of these projects.  CSI typically installs "RR Crossing", "STOP AHEAD"  and "Turn Arrows" with thermoplastic as the material is ideal for the application. 

Parking Lots

Our Crews have done many different types of Parking Lots, some different projects include:

-New Layout on fresh concrete

-New Layout on old concrete


-Addition of Glass beads for retroreflectivity

-Handicapped Symbols

-Fire Lane

-Pedestrian Crossings

-Parking lot post painting (yellow)

CSI Striping Videos

CSI Striping in February's winter conditions for NDOT in an emergency situation.