Traffic Control


Road Closures/Detours

CSI has coordinated projects with the NDOT and Nebraska State Patrol to temporarily shut down sections of I-80 in Nebraska.  Learning from bigger jobs translates well into applying our knowledge to smaller scale road closures.

Lane Closures

Working inside single lane closures may be another way that makes sense to set up your work zone.  We have hundreds of different lane closures set up throughout the entire year, and are very experienced in them. 

Sign Installation

CSI can provide many different types of sign installation solutions. Some include:

  • Temporary Signs that can be easily moved.
  • Temporary Signs that are stubbed for the entire length of the project. 
  • Permenant Road Signs
  • Flexible Delineators 
  • Large Interstate Signs that have a poured concrete foundation and crash-rated breakaway system.


Our staff includes many employees that are trained in accordance with the NDOT Flagger Training Program.  We are all certified when we apply to work at CSI.  This is true all the way from our seasonal help to our Leadership. 

Concrete Barrier Rail

If you are required to have a work zone that is crash compliant, Concrete Barrier Rail is the solution.  A protection barrier to separate workers from the traveling public in the event of a crash is an optimal way to ensure safety.  

Temporary Traffic Signals

If you need to manage traffic flow and cannot be there to flag the entire time, our Temporary Traffic Signals are the answer.  We are very experienced in installation of these signals and can tailor our set up to meet almost any need.  We have even coordinated with railroads to have our lights work in unison with oncoming trains.